Pick Two Bot

Inspired by the bots created by Internet artist, Darius Kazemi, I wanted to learn about building and deploying Twitter bots.

Pick Two Bot, my first Twitter bot, is based on the project management triangle: “good, fast, cheap: pick two”. The bot queries Twitter for a random recent tweet that includes three nouns and reformats them in the following way: “{noun}. {noun}. {noun}. Pick two.”

: Twitter API, Worknik API, Node.js, JavaScript
Year: 2014


The bot uses the Worknik API to identify the parts of speech in a given tweet and then formats them in the singular form.

Pick Two Bot runs as a Node.js app and as a worker on Heroku. It fails silently if it doesn’t find a Tweet with three nouns. It just tries again in the next time interval.

To learn more about how the bot was created, see my three-part blog series on building a Twitter bot: